Morchit 2 : Inside the Terminal

North and North Eastern bus terminal for bangkok is generally called Morchit 2. But not only buses to north and north eastern region,it also has buses to central and eastern region.

Located just next to the expressway, so the terminal can be easily reached by taxis from any corners of Bangkok.
For other mode of transportation see another blog that talk about how to get to Morchit2.

When first visit to Morchit 2, you might stunt with so many ticket windows.

There are several bus company offering their service under the licenses from Transport Company, the government-owned bus company. In some route like Chiangmai which is the poppular destination, there are a dozen company compete in this route.

So don’t surprise to see many windows sell ticket for Chiangmai.
Anyway, all on the front wall outside the terminal are Northern routes windows.

To get ticket for buses from Transport Company, they are at the central of the line of windows under the big yellow light box.

It's the only company that offer VIP 24 seats bus to Chiangmai at the highest fare around 800 baht but among Thais travelers that is not the best one.

The most popular bus company that run to Chiangmai is Nakornchai Air at window no. 22A
They're well known for their quality of buses and services so advance booking is recommended.

In advance booking, you don't have to go to the terminal to get it done, just call their booking number at 02-936-0009 (24 hrs), make a reservation, pay at any branches in Metropolitan area of Krungsri Bank within 2 hours, pick up ticket one hour before depart time at Nakornchai windows in the terminal.

Anyway nothing is perfect. Some complain that their seat is narrow which are uncomfortable for the big guys. And for lone travelers they prefer 1-2 seat layout than 2-2 layout offered.
Roung Prasert at the next windws (No.22) have the solution with big seat and 1-2 seat layout.

Both Nakornchai and Roung Prasert buses run non-stop to the destinations. Other company make 20-30 minutes stop at the midst of the route for passengers to get hot food (for free or with discount), get to the toilet, do some walk after many hours sitting still on the seat.

If you care for clean toilets and good food offered at the stop point, Sombat Tour is you choice as they stop at their private stop point.

Sombat tour has another window with roman scripts for its destinations.

Bus services from Siam First Tour at window no.11-12 is also among the top of the list.

They also offer bus to Chiang Korng. From there you can cross the river into Laos and get boat to Luang Prabang.

Chan Tour at window no.19 also offer buses to large provinces in North Eastern like Udon, Nongkai. Feed back for their services are vary.

If your destination is Sukhothai where you can visit the historical park, get ticket at the far right windows.

Ticket for central and eastern buses, get inside the terminal.

Walk inside.

Ticket windows for eastern buses are along the wall after you get into the terminal.
Buses for Pattaya from Roungrueng, the same bus company in pattaya route as at Ekamai and Southern terminal.

Last bus leaves at 19.00 hrs.

These windows are for Rayong, Chantaburi, Trat from Transport Co.
Bus for Trat leave daily at 7.30 11.00 22.00 hrs.

Bus for Trat from another company.  The last bus leaves at 23.00 hrs.

Ticket windows for Central region are at the back wall of the terminal on the 1st floor.

Bus from Transport Co. to Aranyaprathet.

Ayutthaya, another tourist attraction.

The orange letters on the windows mean they sell ticket for 2nd class buses.
These kind of buses take more time to get to the destination because they stop (or may be park for 10-15 minutes)
to pickup more passengers along the way.

So avoid them.

Waiting area on the 1st floor inside the terminal.

To get ticket for North Eastern buses, go up to 3rd floor.

Waiting area on the 3rd floor.

Windows no.95-98 are for Transport Co.

For long trip to North Eastern or Isan, VIP 24 seats buses are more comfortable with wider seats and more leg room.

More ticket windows on the opposite.

Want VIP 24 seats bus to Nongkai or Udonthani, check with this company first.
Some recommend that this Rueng Prasert Tour offers better buses than Transport Co. do.

For Ubon and Khonkhen get ticket from Nakornchai at window no.17-18. Anyway, advance booking for this company is recommended. Call them at 02-936-0009.

Chan Tour at window no.45 is the big player for Isan routes.

Plan to go for peaceful city by the Mekong river like Chiengkan, there are buses from Transport Co. and Air Mueng Loei at window no.6.

Buses from Transport Co. and Chan Tour can be booked online or by phone for 60 days in advance from or at 02-262-3456. Ticket can be pick up later from their booths on both 1st and 3rd floor.

Click for more detail.

There are 4 food courts inside the terminal. They are at the far-end on both side of terminal building.

To buy food and drink, exchange for coupon at this coupon booth. Unused coupon can be refunded.

Price per dish is around 30 baht.

KFC has their branch on 1st floor food court (the right one). Pay them by cash.

Both floors have Dunkin Donut outlets.

Also, left baggage service are on both floors but the big one is on 3rd floor.
Price vary from 20-50/piece/day according to size. Service hour 5.00 - 22.30 hrs.

Buses from Transport Co. and Nakornchai Air can be paid by credit card. For other company get your cash ready.

Currency Exchange service is on 1st floor and operate daily from 9.00 - 16.30 hrs.

ATMs machines are available.

Toilet fee is 3 baht with no shower room.

For short distance buses, platform for the buses is right at the terminal building. (Platform no.1 - 24)

For others you have to go up to the 3rd floor and use walk way to the platform.

There are escalators down to the platform.

Waiting area.

Snacks and drinks are available but you might not have to buy as on long haul buses they will serve you with snack box, drinking water and soft drink or juice.

For your own safety, do not accept food or drink from the stranger that try to make friend with you.

Also, for long haul buses that make a stop on the route, you will get food coupon along with the ticket.
You can use that coupon to exchange or get discount for food or drink at the stop point.

Always keep your valuables with you at all time.

Some company will issue receipt for your luggage.

In case that you choose to use buses from Nakornchai Air, they have their own terminal near Morchit2.
Buses leave here first then go to pick up passengers at Morchit2.
It's more comfortable to wait for bus in the air-conditioned room here rather than at polluted Morchit2's platform.

The best way to get here is by taxi so get one and tell the driver that you want to go to Nakornchai.

Check baggage system is similar to that at the airports.

Next blog I will talk about how to get to and get away from Morchit2.


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Nakornchai Air buses are very comfortable, and even have the bus equivalent of air hostesses to make you comfortable and give you snacks.

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