Morchit 2 : Get There & Away

Morchit 2 is one of three intercity bus terminals in Bangkok and it is the largest one that house buses to all except southern region in Thailand. But there are no metro or skytrain line linking with it.

So getting there by taxi is the most convenient as the terminal is located near two express way exits; Kamphangphet exit and Kamphangphet 2 exit.

Taxi in bangkok is cheap and with expressway network there is no problem getting to Morchit 2 from any part of the metropolitan.

But if you'd like to beat the bangkok traffic jam by taking BTS-the sky train.

Ride the train to the BTS's Morchit station (N8)

The terminal was once located next to the bts station but was moved to the current location to make way for bts depot and park&ride parking space.

Morchit is the name of market once attached to the old terminal which its name was later called in referring to this terminal.

When the terminal was moved, people still call the new terminal as Morchit but it cause some confusion whether it refers to place or to bus terminal so Morchit 2 or "Morchit Mai" (New Morchit) is used instead.

Anyway, to get to the terminal by taxi, just tell the driver that you want to go to morchit. That would be fine.

So Morchit 2 terminal is not at BTS's morchit station. You have to get taxi or buses to the terminal.
For taxi, you can get one from both side of the road under the station.

But for buses, get the exit no.4

At exit no.4 walk to the left pass MRT's entrance to the bus stop.

At exit no.4

Turn around.

Walk pass MRT

If decide to get taxi from this side of the road as the flow of traffic is better than the other side, get the taxi here because from here taxi can get into the inner lane and use fly over bridge to avoid traffic.

At the bus stop get bus no.90, 96, 104,134, 136, 138, 145, 182.
All of these buses end their route at Morchit 2 teminal.

If riding MRT, get off at Kamphaeng Phet station which will get you closest to the terminal.

Once there, get to the exit no.1 to Kamphaeng Phet 2 road.

Bus stop is just near by.

All buses that pass this stop will go to Morchit 2. So you don't have to remember the bus number, just take any buses.

Though, there is no taxi queue here, you can easily get one that pass by.

If you want to get to Morchit 2 from Suvarnabhumi airport, it is unbelievable that there is no mass transit link between them. Nothing but taxi.

Otherwise, you can take bus no.551 or mini-van no.551 from the airport to victory monument , then walk to north-bound bus stop here and get bus no.28, 77, 509 to Morchit 2.

Buses Will Not send you right in front of the terminal so you have to navigate yourself a little bit.
The easiest way is just walk with the crowd getting off the same bus.

When the bus make left u-turn into the terminal compound, it will stop here.

Shower rooms are available here just next to the bus stop for 10 baht.

If you unlucky enough to be lone passenger on the bus (hope you will not), just walk to the walk way beside 7-11 convenient store.

Turn right at the sign.

Turn left and immediately right here.

Walk pass another 7-11.

Cross the road.

Walk by the roofed walkway to the terminal building.

For north eastern terminal, go up to 3rd floor.

There is an escalator.

For northern terminal just walk further, then you will see the line of ticket windows.

Now you will already be at the terminal and if you come here just to book a ticket. When it done you can jump into the taxi that just send their passengers in front of the terminal for the return trip.

If you want to take public bus, when get out of the terminal walk to the right till you see that 7-11. Look for this sigh on your right and follow it.

Turn left here, then just walk straight.

Let talk further about how to get into town when returning for provinces to Morchit 2.

Don't be surprised to be greeted by taxi drivers at the bus door like this. They want you to charter them at the price at least 3 times higher than the metered price.

Just pick up you luggage and walk ahead to the taxi stand.

You will first get to this taxi sign.
This is a chartered taxi service to other provinces not the metered taxi stand.

So, walk further. Until you see this sign.

Get taxi here.

Another view.

There are 5 lanes for taxis to queue up. Just get into the empty one and pay by the meter.

There is no any surcharge applied but the taxi driver have to pay 10 baht to get in the queue so some small tip would be appreciated especially if your destination is not far from the terminal.

To get public bus out of Morchit 2, you have to do some walking with no roman script sign.
So, let me show you the way.

First, walk pass that metered taxi sign.

Then, cross the road.

If you need a toilet after long hours on the bus, it's here.

Also, with the post office which open from Mon-Sat at 8.30-16.00 hrs.

After crossing the road, walk to the left.

There is a sign in Thai. Just remember the right one. It is a four letter abbreviate from Bangkok Mass Transit Authority or BMTA.

Follow this four letter sign.

Walk along the way.

And make only one right turn here.

Cross the road.

Another sign and you are very close to it.

Finally, get at the public bus terminal.

There are signs state the places that each bus will pass. Sorry!!! All in Thai.

To get to Khaosarn road, get bus no.3. They have both ordinary and air-conditioned bus.
Also you can get this bus from Khaosarn area to Morchit 2 by get this bus at the bus stop near Sumen Fort.

Another bus to Khaosarn road area is bus no. 509. Get off the bus after it pass democracy monument on Ratchadamnoen Ave.

Bus no.28 will directly bring you to southern bus terminal or you can take bus no.509 to Victory Monument and then change bus there to sourthern terminal.

Bus no.49 for Hualamphong railway station.

There are many buses that can connect you to BTS (Morchit station) and MRT (Chatuchak station).

You don't have to remember all that bus no. Just check the bus route sign which carry "BTS".

Anyway, for your information, the following buses can bring you to BTS and MRT. Bus no.77, 96, 104, 134, 138, 145, 157, 509.

Get off the bus when you see the BTS track.

Bus stop will be at the foot of stairway to BTS station and also entrances to MRT are nearby.

Don't forget that both systems will not open until 6.00 hrs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great, detailed guide. I stumbled around for a couple of hours, trying to understand an out-of-date map that was pointing me to the wrong, old bus terminal, last year.

Using the terminal is a great adventure, and I'm glad I got to do it.

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