Morchit 2 : Get There & Away

Morchit 2 is one of three intercity bus terminals in Bangkok and it is the largest one that house buses to all except southern region in Thailand. But there are no metro or skytrain line linking with it.

Morchit 2 : Inside the Terminal

North and North Eastern bus terminal for bangkok is generally called Morchit 2. But not only buses to north and north eastern region,it also has buses to central and eastern region.

Kasemsan 1

For shopping lovers that look for budget accommodation outside Khao Sarn area, hotels located in Soi Kasemsan1 come up to top of the list as they are just opposite MBK center which is a must shopping center to visit in Bangkok.

Sounthern Bus Terminal

If you plan your trip to beautiful beaches in southern part of Thailand and bus is your choice, you have to come to Southern Bus Terminal.

Ekamai Bus Terminal

When you want to travel to eastern part of Thailand to the popular tourist sites like Pattaya, Koh Chang or Koh Samet, come to this Eastern bus terminal or Ekamai bus terminal.

Suvarnabhumi Airport (2)

In previous blog, I talk about how to get into town but before you leave the airport let get back inside the terminal. I will show you for some more facilities here.

Suvarnabhumi Airport (1)

Suvarnabhumi airport is the main international airport for getting in and out of Thailand. When you first get here or plan to come to Thailand, you might wonder how to get into town after your arriving. Let me show you how.

Hualamphong Station

Hualumphong station is a main railway station of Bangkok. Most trains originate from here to various regions of Thailand. Tourists found overnight trains to popular tourist sites like Chiengmai, Nongkai, Suratthani etc., are comfortable, safe and not expensive way of travel.