MBK Center

If looking for somewhere to shop in Bangkok, one couldn't miss MBK Center.

Located just next to National Stadium station (W1) of the BTS, so getting to this shopping center is very easy.

National Stadium station is a terminal station. Everybody needed to get off the train here. Use exit no.4 then.

Follow MBK Center sign.

At the walk way to the building.

This entrance bring you to Tokyu Department Store, inside MBK.  All goods at Tokyu are sold on fixed price with credit card accepted.
Turn left at escalator to exit Tokyu into MBK.

MBK pack with thousands shops with official open from 10.00 - 22.00 hrs. but some are not open their door untill 11.00 hrs and start to close at around 21.00 hrs.

There is another entrance from the walkway in front of MBK. This walkway link BTS station, MBK and Siam Discovery.

This entrance access to the third floor of MBK.

When entering, keep left and walk pass the metal detector installed at every entrance for security reason.

Inside the MBK

If need help, there are two information counters on the ground floor next to the escalators.

Another info counter on south wing.

They have shop directory at the info counters and 300 baht international phone cards are sold here.

That phone cards can be used with the yellow phone for international call.

Don't want to go down all the way to the 1st floor just look for this phone at some phone booths to call for shopping info.

Thanachart bank has its head office here so don't be surprised to see their exchange booth everywhere inside MBK.

Look around for shops on 1st - 3rd floors.

Looking for a serious camera shop, come to Fotofile on 1st floor.  They have another and bigger outlet on 5th floor.

Foto Thailand, another serious camera shop on 3rd floor for prosumer and professional photographer.

The fourth floor is dedicated to cell phones, DVD player, MP3 and other electronic gadgets.

Both new and 2nd hand cell phones are on displayed.

Fifth floor is the most quiet floor as they are mostly furniture shops.

The Fifth, also on the fifth floor, is a stylish food court with higher price but more relaxing atmosphere.

You'll be given a barcode card at the entrance. Buy foods and drinks with that card and pay by cash or credit card once at the exit.

Another food court is on sixth floor.

To buy food you have to exchange for coupon (only cash accepted).

Buy foods and drinks with coupon. Unused coupon can be refund at refund counter.

Number of Thai Handicraft shops can be found on sixth floor.

Big-size clothing for westerners.

Up to 7th floor, the entertainment floor with cinemas, bowling and karaoke.

Several fast food restaurants are on this floor.

Internet and online game services at 30 baht per hour.

Another shop provide only internet service at 40 baht per hour.

Plan to leave MBK but continue shopping. Get 3rd floor exit to sky walkway.

It links you to nearby shopping center, Discovery Center.

Time to leave.
Taxi stand is on 1st floor at the back of the building.

Follow the sign.
There is internet café near the exit to taxi stand. It costs 60 baht per hour.

Exit to taxi stand.

This seem to be the best taxi stand ever seen in Bangkok.

Taxi queue up outside


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