Kasemsan 1

For shopping lovers that look for budget accommodation outside Khao Sarn area, hotels located in Soi Kasemsan1 come up to top of the list as they are just opposite MBK center which is a must shopping center to visit in Bangkok.

At the entrance of Soi Kasemsan 1. Above the ground is BTS's national stadium station.

Choose to stay here is not only so close to MBK that you can return to store your shopping bags at the hotel's room and head back to enjoy your shopping but also close to BTS station that give an easy access to other tourist attractions in Bangkok.
Picture taken from stairway leading to BTS station and MBK Center.

At the entrance of Soi Kasemsan1, it is Muang Phol Mansion.
They offer room for 750 baht. More detail at http://www.muangpholmansion.com/

Picture of Soi Kasemsan1 and Muang Phol building taken from BTS station.

This soi is norrow with one way traffic but look clean and safe. There are small food stalls along the soi.

Next is Reno Hotel, the only hotel in this soi that have swimming pool.
Look for more detail at http://www.renohotel.co.th/

At Reno, look back to the soi's entrance. You can see the BTS's national stadium station is a few step away.

The station has direct walkway link to MBK center.

Walk further and White Lodge will be on your left.
They don't hase a website for reservation so call them at 02-216-8867, 02-215-3041, 02-216-8228

A-One Inn
Check for room and rate at http://www.aoneinn.com/

Walk deep inside the soi, there are more accommodation to offer.
This is Wendy House. Look for more detail from their informative web site at  http://www.wendyguesthouse.com/

Next is The Bed & Breakfast.
Call them at 02-215-3004.

Wendy House and The bed & breakfast are just next to each other.

At the end of soi, there is an apartment named Patumwan House. They also rent room for tourist at around 1,000 baht per day. Contact them at 02-612-3580.


TheTravelAngel said...

Its an experience one must have...Stay there at any cost. It's totally worth it in every way u can. Very much happy, during my stay in Bangkok.

:-) John

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! You shared a cool information. I myself is also a shopping lover but I don't have any Idea about the malls in bangkok. Well, I'm planning to go to bangkok next month.

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Lorenzo said...

Wow It must be a really cool place. And the place looks clean. I think it really worth it staying for.

Senuke X

denim bandung said...

hi there,
have stayed at muangphol & pranee, and i love this soi ! very strategic location & not to expensive room !

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