Sounthern Bus Terminal

If you plan your trip to beautiful beaches in southern part of Thailand and bus is your choice, you have to come to Southern Bus Terminal.

Plese note that the station had been relocated about 7 kilometers further out of the city. Most BMTA buses which end their route at the old southern terminal also extend to the new one.

If you take a taxi there, it will drop you off right in front of the terminal.

Bus stop for the buses that run pass the terminal also be in front of terminal building.

Though, you might not familiar with the road, don't worry to overpass this stop as buses have to turn out of the main road to this stop.

To be more sure, notice the pole number of the elevated road. Pole no.122 is just right to the entrance to the terminal.

To get the bus from Khao Sarn area, wait at bus stop on Ratchadamnoen Ave. on the side that the democracy monument will be on your right when facing the avenue. From there, take bus no. 79, 515, 556.

But if you stay in other areas, ride the BTS to Victory Monument station (N3) then use the walk way toward the menument and wait for buses at the corner on your left near Ratchavitee hospital.

They are bus no.515, 539, 542 that can take you to the terminal.  Better to take the no.515 and 539 as their routes are not detour to busy area in front of Central department store.  That'll save your time.

If you worry that you might miss the terminal, take bus no.28 or Metro bus no.4 that terminate at the Southern terminal.

For Metro bus, no standing passengers are allowed and you have to put exact amount of bus fare (30 baht flat rate) into the collecting box at the front door before step in.

Back to the terminal. 

The terminal is four storey building. The first-two floors (G & M floor) are parking lots so you have to take the escalator on your right up to ticketing floor.

Follow the ticketing sign.

In case that you take the bus that end route at the southern terminal, bus will stop at the parking beside the terminal. Use this flyover to get inside.

When up to the ticketing floor, it seems like you're rather in the mall than in the bus station.

The blue windows are for 1st class and VIP buses.

The VIP buses have less seats than those on 1st class which mean it'll be more comfortable with wider legs room. On long trip, VIP buses are better choice.

The orange windows are for 2nd class buses. They are cheaper but take longer time as they stop to pickup or even wait for more passengers along their route.

The ticket windows from Transport company have no english sign but you can notice them from "999" and "99". Those numbers are commonly known as Transport buses. 999 refers to 1st class and VIP buses and 99 for 2nd class buses.
Payment by credit card is accepted.

If you book ticket online from, you can pick up your ticket here.

Bus for Pattaya is also available here at window no. 81 with less frequent than from Ekamai, eastern bus terminal.

Need help? Go for information counter.

It's recommended to wait for the bus at platform half an hour prior to departure time. Before that time, you are just in the mall and the choice is yours.

If you're hungry, there are some fast food restaurants around.

S&P restaurant, Thai leading brand for food & bakery.

Relax and enjoy a cup of good coffee.

Stock some more sun lotions.

Look for this book shop for internet service. 

It costs only 40 baht/hour.

The bigger one is cost the same at 40 baht/hour.

Before you have to sit on the bus for 10-14 hours on your long journey to the south, you might want to walking around and doing some window shopping.

Krungthai bank has a branch here which do exchange service. It's open everyday from 10.00 to 19.00

Backing up with ATMs from several banks

Price for baggage storage service range from 20-60 baht per piece up to the size. For overnight storage, price jump to 100 baht/piece/night. Their operating hour are from 5.00 to 21.00.

There is food court up on the second floor.

First, as other food courts, you have to buy some coupon at the coupon booth.

Then, pay for food and drink by coupon. Price per dish is around 30-45 baht.
You can exchange unused coupon back to money at the same booth on the same day.

When you get on the long haul buses, they'll provide you with some snacks, drinking water (in bottle) and soft drink. But for short haul one you have to prepare for yourself.

Or get some at convenient store

Toilets here are free and very clean.

To depart. Follow the sign to the platform.

At the platform here is the restricted area, reserved only for passengers. Have your ticket ready to show to the officer at the gate.

Walk by the walkway to platform.

Go downstair.

At the platform.

Platform numbers are clearly marked.

Waiting area.

There are no shops in platform area except limited snack and drink counters in front of the toilets at both end of the platform.

Shower rooms are available near the stair way.

Service fee is 10 baht.

Platform for short range buses are on the ground floor of the same building that you buy ticket. (Platform 1 - 24)

For the short range 2nd class buses going to somewhere like Ratchaburi, Samutsongkam, Supanburi etc., they use the platform outside the building.

This platform is on left-hand side of the station when looking from the street.
Ticket for the buses here can buy from the bus attendances.

In your return trip from provinces when you need public transports to bring you back to the city, also go to left-hand side of the station.

There is a taxi queue here. As always, insist meter must be turned on.

Dozens of minivan waiting to bring you to various part of bangkok. Fares vary from 25-50 baht.

Legroom on minivans are very limited especially the old one.

To go to Khao Sarn area and Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can get bus no.556

For Khao Sarn, after bus cross the chaophaya river and going down the bridge it will turn left into Ratchadamnern Ave. then get off at the first bus stop.

For Suvarnabhumi, bus will bring you to bus terminal at the airport then get free shuttle bus to the passenger terminal.

To connect to BTS, Metro bus will bring you to Victory Monument. There, you can get BTS at Victory Monument station.

It is 30 baht flat rate and have to put exact money into the collecting box at the front door when getting on the bus.

Buses are new and clean with no standing passengers allowed, make it easier to get off the bus when carrying a laggage.

Another choice to Victory Monument is bus no.28 which can also bring you to Morchit bus station. Though, bus conditions are worst but they leave more frequent than the Metro Buses.


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