Hualamphong Station

Hualumphong station is a main railway station of Bangkok. Most trains originate from here to various regions of Thailand. Tourists found overnight trains to popular tourist sites like Chiengmai, Nongkai, Suratthani etc., are comfortable, safe and not expensive way of travel.

Also, with 3rd class trains to provinces around Bangkok will bring you close to the Thai's way of life in the countryside. Before your trip, let me show you around the station and get familiar with it.  

A very first question always be "How to get to the station?"
The first option is of course by taxi which is most convenient and not expensive but if you stay near the MRT line, it’s better to take MRT and avoid traffic jam on Bangkok roads.

MRT has direct access from the subway to the station house.  To get to the station from subway, use exit no.2

When get on the ground, you'll be on the left side of the station.

To the left is taxi stand. So if you get a taxi here, it should drop you to this area.

Walk ahead, the entrance will be on you right.

Then, you'll see line of ticket windows.

However, if you stay in Khao Sarn area and want a budget transportation mode, you can take bus no.53 from Phra Arthit/Phra Sumen road near Sumen fort.

The bus ends it route at Thewet, still far from Hualamphong. All you have to do when the bus stop there is walk to the first bus waiting in-line, hop onto it and pay no more additional fare but don't forget to keep the ticket from the previous bus with you.

The bus will then run mostly along Khlong Phadung to the station and cost only 7 baht each.

In off-rush hour, buses can be your cheap and convenient choice though with your backpack.

When the bus approaching the station, ring the bell and prepare to get off.

The bus will bring you to the right corner of the station.

Walk back to the front gate.

Inside the station house.

You can purchase same-day ticket at almost any ticket windows.

Except for window no. 12-14 which are for commuter train that run short route connecting Bangkok with nearby provinces.
For joint ticket (like train-boat ticket for Ko Samui), go to window no.2

Also, there is an information counter which is very easy to find as it has a big LCD projector on top.

Keep in mind that authorized information officer won't walk around but sit behind the windows.

Nearby is advance booking office which is clearly marked with signs.

Train ticket can be booked for up to 60 days in advance, credit card accepted.  (Only cash at ticket windows)

The office operates daily from 8.30 to 16.00.  After that you can do your booking at ticket windows no.2 - 11.  Moreover, you can book your ticket at any train station nationwide.

Telephone booking can be made at least 5 days before departure date at 02 220 4444 during 8.30 - 16.00 and ticket must be picked up by 22.00 next day from any train station.

In general, 2nd class air-conditioned sleepers are quite comfortable for a long haul journey.

But if you'd like to have more privacy, 1st class air-conditioned sleepers are the answer with own compartment for 2 passengers.

Lone traveler can also buy the whole compartment for own occupancy

Or choose compartment with connecting door for large group.

2nd class seats

3rd class seats

Dining service is available on long-distance train at dining car or being served to your seat for sleepers passengers.  Price for the service is considered high for Thai standard so local passengers usually bring their own foods and drinks.

If you're on budget trip, so get prepare some.  There are some quick meals counters in the waiting area inside the station house.

Waiting at platform is not recommended as they keep the train engine running. It made air polluted and not comfortable to breathe.

Better wait in the air-conditioned station house.

More seats upstairs.

Up here, there are some tour agents.

Next is Cafe' from Black Canyon, leading Thai coffee brand.

On opposite side, there is a restaurant with relaxing atmosphere.

Around the station.

Left baggage service.

It operates from 4.00 to 23.00
Price varies from 30-100 baht/piece/day according to the size.

Always keep valuables with you even on trains or buses.

There is only one exchange counter at the station.
(Daily 9.00 – 18.00)

Bookstore.  Foreign language bookstore, Bookazine, is just next door.

Only western fast food restaurant here is KFC.

Need a shower? There are shower rooms for 10 baht.

When travel by train arriving at the station and needs to connect to public transportations. Walk from platform into the station house.

Then, turn right to the exit.

You might also walk to the right at platform area to get to this exit.

Taxi stand is here with no surcharge applied.

However, to get a taxi here seems to be a little bit tricky as it doesn't on first come first serve basis.  Actually, it has no system at all.  You just jump onto the available taxi which by chance stops in front of you.

Confusing more, some taxi drivers might deny going to your destination. Though illegal but it seems to be normal practice happen not only to the foreigners but also Thais.

So, you have to state your destination with the driver first before throwing your luggage into the cab.

Don’t forget to check that meter has turned on.

There are also tuk-tuks waiting in this area.  They’ll try waving you to their vehicles but usually quote for a very high price.  Do bargain then enjoy the ride.

When train just arrive, the taxi stand will be very crowd as passengers try to continue to their destination, if you not in a hurry when arriving at the station it's better to spend your time inside the station for a while like having something to eat, exchange for some baht, go to the toilet and then take a cab later when it more available.

Bus stop is also near the taxi stand. Walk to the right along the road run parallel with the platform.

  • Bus no. 49 (Hualamphong-Morchit) to get to Morchit bus terminal.
  • Bus no. 29 or 34 to MBK Shopping center and Victory Monument.
However, going to Morchit from Bang sue station is closer, get the cab there will save your time and money.

To get airport express bus to Suvanabhumi airport, walk outside at the front gate, go round to the back of KFC.

Walk ahead to this sign, ticket seller sit in front of shop house on opposite side of the road.

The express buses run hourly from 7.00 to 21.30 to the airport.  Ticket 150 baht and take 1 – 1.5 hour.

Anyway, taxi will gets you to the airport faster as entrance to expressway is just next to the station but airport express buses run thru traffic jam in shopping area (siam square,  central world) and then get the expressway at Phetburi road.

For buses to Khao Sarn area or Southern bus terminal, use walkway of MRT from the station to exit no.4
That leads to the bus stop opposite of the station.

For Ekamai or Eastern bus terminal, you can use MRT from here and connect to BTS at Sukhumvit station then ride BTS to Ekamai (E7) station.

Exit no.4 has no escalator, if needed use exit no.1 then walk back.

When get on the ground from exit no.4, walk ahead.

Wait at this bus stop for bus no.53 running to Khao Sarn area.
This buses run pass Yaowaraj (Chinatown), Memorial Bridge, Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Sanam Luang.

After Sanam Luang (large field on the right), bus will run beneath the Pinklao Bridge, then look for this Sumen Fort.  When you see it, get off the bus and walk ahead then turn right at the intersection to Khao Sarn Road.

To Southern bus terminal, get bus no.507 that end route at the terminal.  So don’t be worry you won’t miss it.

If you need accommodation that really close to the station, Bangkok Centre hotel might sound interesting as its entrance just right at the exit no4.

It's 3 stars hotel with room rate around 1,500 baht for standard room at high season.

Hotel building.
See more detail at

For guesthouse type, from exit no.4 walk ahead pass bus stop for no.53
There are 2 guesthouse in this soi near that bus stop.  They are Your Place guesthouse and Baan Hua Lamphong guesthouse.
Baan Hua Lamphong is on the left. Just opposite is Your Place .



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